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Kalyan Malla [Mr]

Chief Consulting Engineer

ME Elect. & Electronic Engg,  B. Sc. Elect. Engineering. Over 14-years of professional experience in the field of  Electrical Power Engineering , Rural Electrification and  Transmission/Distribution System
Tel: +977 71 545217, Cell: 00 977 98470 51633
Email: kalyan@oshinpower.com.np
  • Mr. Malla is a Chief Consulting Engineer and one of the founding members of OPS and has been assisting OPS since its establishment. He imparts techno-managerial inputs to OPS for continual improvement and development.
  • He has more than 14 years of working in the field of hydro power, rural electrification and transmission & distribution System, electrical system design and preparation of complete detail feasibility study reports (due diligence) of micro/mini hydro power projects. He has been undertaken various site visits for installation, testing and commissioning activities mainly related to electrical works and in he has been actively contributed in conducting micro hydro plant operators’ trainings.
  • He is a member of Nepal Engineering Council/Nepal Engineers’ Association. He has participated in various national & international seminars, conference, workshops/trainings related to electrical power engineering, hydropower development and project management.