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Hom Kiran Acharya [Mr]

Technical Officer

Dip.In Welding Engineering.10-years of professional experience in mechanical engineering and micro/mini hydropower sector.
Tel: +977 71 545217, Cell: 00 977 98570 28632 [Off]
Email: homkiran@oshinpower.com.np
  • Mr. Sharma Acharya is also a share member Oshin Power Service P Ltd. and has been working as Technical Officer, Production and Operation since Feb. 2010.
  • He has over 10 years of professional experience in installation construction and fabrication of micro/mini hydropower equipment and other steel structures. He also had worked in different national and international reputed companies in various roles and responsibilities (i.e., Task hydropower 1MW, Khudi hydropower 4MW, Nepal Hydro and Electric Ltd. –NHE and Admecco Mech. Contracting Co. Bharain)
  • Key experiences are:
    • conducting site surveys/site verification, installation construction together with preparation of equipment of micro/mini hydro powers.
    • supervision of technical resources.
  • Successfully completed over five detail site survey and verification and four complete installations of MH plants under his supervision.
  • Contributed reasonable effort so to complete the manufacturing & fabrication of hydro-mechanical equipment i.e., turbines, penstocks, sluicegates etc. of many micro-hydro projects through supervision of technical resources etc.     
  • He had participated in different workshops and trainings such as MH Designs, Standards, workshop Supervision, etc.