• Complete Answer to Power System Technology

Product & Services

Hydro-Mechanical Equipment: water turbines, drive system & accessories, penstocks & expansion ioints, sluice gates, trash-racks
Water Turbines
Cross Flow
  Range : up to 500 kW,
Head: up to 60 m
Runner width : 50 mm to 500
Runner dia.: 200mm, 300 mm & 400 mm
Pelton Turbine
  Range : up to 1000 kW
Head: up to 300 m
Runner PCD : Various Diameter
Driving System and Accessories
  Products: Pulley, Couplings, Extension Shafts Power
Transmission Range: up to 500 kW
Penstock Pipe and Expansion Joints
  Range: 150 mm to 1500mm,
Thickness: 3 mm to 12 mm
Steel Structures
  Steel poles, truss, towers, bridge etc.
Power System
  Electrical control & distribution panels Range: up to 500 kW
  Supply, Installation and stringing of HT/LT lines.
Repair & Maintenance
  Micro/mini hydro power schemes
  Industrial machinery & electrical system
Engineering Consultancy Services
  Engineering Survey & Design of micro/mini hydro powers, water supply, buildings etc.
  Conduction of Micro-hydro related Trainings/workshops/seminars
  Construction supervision of engineering works